Digital-Nitro™ eStore Plus

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$450.00 Excl. VAT / month

With Digital-Nitro™ eStore Plus monthly subscription you get: domain, 10-page website (see layouts), an eCommerce Store with unlimited products, a Facebook page with 4 updates per month, a Linkedin account with 4 updates per month, an Instagram account with 4 updates per month, we update your website four times per month, the website optimized for Google search, analytics, Instagram feed on your website, a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page, a Facebook store synchronised with your eStore. Mobile back office for your eStore to manage it on-the-go.


With Digital-Nitro™ eStore Plus by Rainmakers.cafe you’ll have a professional website and a fully-fledged online store plus the social media management to drive organic sales. You don’t need any design or web development skills, we do it for you. It’s like a Netflix subscription, you pay a monthly subscription and we take care of everything for you. Many online eCommerce website builders require you to design your website and then you have to maintain it. Who has time for that, right? You’re running a business, your business, and the business has to sell. Let Rainmakers.cafe to take care of your website and social media and you’ll see sales increasing and your business flourish.

Digital-Nitro™ eStore Plus is ideal for any business that wants to drive a high volume of sales and engagement on social media.

With the Digital-Nitro™ eStore Plus monthly subscription you get:

  • A simple domain (Worth $10/year) If you have a domain we can use it.
  • A website based on one of our slick templates of your choice (up to 10 pages + unlimited eCommerce products)
  • Setup of your eCommerce store
  • Unlimited products (we set up the sore and teach you how to create and maintain the products)
  • Maintenance and hosting of the eStore on our secure data centre
  • Configuration of the payment gateway (how clints pay you)
  • Configuration of the PayPal payment method
  • eStore mobile back office to manage orders from anywhere
  • Facebook store synchronised with your eStore
  • There are a number of options add-ons you can choose from (see below) that are excluded from this package
  • We’ll optimise your website for Google search (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation)

Specific to the “Plus” package:

  • We’ll create your Facebook page (if you have one we can improve it for you)
  • We’ll create your Instagram account (if you have one we’ll give you tips to improve it)
  • We’ll create your Linkedin company page for you (if you have one we can help improve it)
  • We’ll manage up to 4 updates per month on your website, being a change in any of the pages or 4 blog posts
  • We’ll manage 4 Facebook post per month for you (content provided by you)
  • We’ll manage 4 Instagram post per month for you (content provided by you)
  • We’ll manage 4 Linkedin post per month for you (content provided by you)

Free add-ons:

  • We’ll give you 40 mailboxes with your domain name with 2Gb of space each (free of charge with this subscription)
  • We’ll help you set up a Google Analytics account
  • We’ll set up your business on Google Maps

Note: When you stop the subscription, we suspend all these services for 1 month and we notify you. After the second month, we deleted all the content and close the account. The domain name remains yours and it will be transferred to you. We will train you on how to load and maintain the products in the eStore.

1 review for Digital-Nitro™ eStore Plus

  1. Jennifer Lorenz

    I tried to build an ecommerce store by myself with one those online services and it’s definitely not for me. At the end of the day I was able to publish it but I didn’t like how it looked (my fault I guess) and I didn’t have the time to manage that and my business social media presence. This eStore Plus service is amazing, I just open a ticket with Rainmakers.cafe when I want a post or a change and they do often the same day. I don’t know how they do it but I’m glad I found them

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